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Consulting Menu of Services

Vital Menu of Consulting Services

Consulting, training and coaching services provided by VITAL are based on available consultants, expertise and capacity for the work. VITAL TA requests are considered on a rolling basis, with first priority given to new organizations who have not received VITAL services in the past.

Customized consulting, coaching or training:

Submit your custom organizational needs and a Vital Consultant will follow up to determine expertise fit, scope and organizational readiness to move forward.

Or start from the menu of services below:

Short Term Engagements:

n  Grantwriting coaching or Grant Review: Approximately 5 hours of consultant time to discuss your grant project and make recommendations for writing for a particular funder or review an existing draft of your grant.)

n  Goals and Objectives Coaching: 2-3 hours—initial discussion, review and suggested changes to your goals and objectives, and follow up call, or coaching on implementation and tracking of goals, once established

n  Executive Director Coaching: 5- 10 hours—initial discussion to frame issues and ongoing coaching via phone or in-person to help resolve a particular issue or provide additional expertise to inform decision making. (sample areas that may need coaching—board engagement, motivating and retaining staff, financial management, conflict resolution, among others)

n  Retreat Facilitation: 6-10 hours—initial planning call/meeting, agenda development, retreat facilitation and follow up notes (strategic planning, board development)

n  Board or staff training/ professional development: 5-10 hours—discussion to determine needs and logistics, training preparation and training delivery (topics might include aspects of fund development, financial management, board governance, program evaluation, volunteer management, innovation in programs, or other)

n  Organizational Assessment: 10 hours – initial interviews with executive director and board chair, completion of organizational assessment tool by senior staff and board members, brief written report on organizational strengths and areas for improvement.

Longer Term Engagements

n  Board Development Plan: 20-30 hours, requires commitment of executive staff and board, survey, retreat, plan drafting and revision

n  Implementation Plan Development for New Service Site or Programs: 20-30 hours—program-dependent, includes program overview, program goals, financial needs, implementation and evaluation plan with benchmarks and timeline

n  Strategic Plan Development: 30-40 hours, requires commitment of executive staff and board, includes interviews with key staff and board members, board survey, stakeholder survey, strategic retreat, plan drafting and revision, final plan presentation

n  Fundraising Plan: 20 hours, requires commitment of key staff and relevant board members in developing plan, commitment by staff and board in implementation; includes needs identification and review of current fund development materials and capacity, assessment of current funding sources, identifying potential funding sources and development of written implementation plan

n  Evaluation and Implementation Planning & Tool Development: 25-35 hours, includes review of current evaluation mechanisms, systems and tools, recommendations for improvement, development of brief evaluation plan and potentially tool revision or development, staff training for implementation

n  Succession Plan: 15-20 hours, commitment of executive staff and board to participate, identify key areas, communications and tools needed to for a smooth transition to new leadership, development of brief written plan and timeline

n  Volunteer Engagement Plan: 15-20 hrs, assessment of current volunteer practices and needs, development of brief written plan for recruitment and retention

n  Financial Management: 15-20 hours, assessment of current financial system and development of recommendations for improvement, troubleshooting and assistance on implementation


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