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Technical Assistance

Vital’s technical assistance program can help you effectively manage your financial and program affairs, strengthen your human and institutional resources, and establish appropriate financial, structural and programmatic policies. We can help with individual skill-building, general consultation, training, and/or problem solving.

All requests for technical assistance will flow through the Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence’s technical assistance request page going forward, where requests will be funneled directly to Vital Consultants based on fit and need.  Applications accepted on a rolling basis through the end of 2016.

To access the application, please click here.


In addition to the free technical assistance you can access through CCADV and Vital, please use the following technical assistance guide for free or inexpensive TA available to Domestic Violence service providers– some of the these are local to our state, other are national resources.

DVP Technical Assistance Resource Guide


  • You are having difficulty measuring your impact on the clients you serve and some staff are resistant to asking clients for their feedback
  • Your organization has high turnover, which is really disruptive to client services, but you don’t know why or what to do about it
  • Your organization’s financials have grown so complex you are having difficulty keeping track of grant expenditures
  • Attendance at board meetings is erratic and directors do not seem that engaged
  • You write a lot of grants but just don’t seem to have much success

Every effort will be made to address these and other capacity-building needs of your organization.  We know that resources are slim and your work demands a lot of time.  Therefore, our intention is to provide you with technical assistance that will address problems quickly and allow your organization to operate more smoothly and effectively. Assistance can be provided via phone, email, or in-person depending on your needs or the complexity of the problem.

Even if you are unsure if technical assistance is needed, please feel free to contact us to discuss your options and ask questions. This project has a strong commitment to your confidentiality and no information about your needs or services received will be shared.

Applications for technical assistance will be reviewed on a rolling basis through December 2016. Don’t wait, apply for customize consulting or coaching today as space is limited!

Areas of technical assistance may include:

  • Organizational Assessment: Assisting an organization to assess when support might be needed;
  • Human Resources: Leadership succession planning; identifying the right organizational structure; developing staff performance measures; supervision; dealing with conflict and grievances
  • Financial Management: Understanding and producing financial statements; creating and using accurate budgets; preparing for an audit
  • Strategic Planning: Identification of organizational or programmatic goals and objectives and the development of corresponding plans of action
  • Coalition Building: Strategies for building coalitions with public and private partners and “how-to” guidance
  • Funding: Grant writing; identification of potential sources and methods of fundraising and guidance about accessing key funding streams
  • Program Evaluation: Development of outcome and process measures; evaluation design options; assistance with local evaluation plans
  • Governance: Board roles and responsibilities; building a strong board/staff relationship; building an effective board
  • Leadership Development: Leadership coaching and other related topics

A team of TA providers, through both Vital and CCADV located across the state, is standing by to provide support for this project. All members of the TA Provider Team are highly qualified with extensive backgrounds in management and leadership and the dynamics of domestic violence service organizations in rural, urban and resort communities.  Click here for a list of potential TA Providers.

Please click here to complete a short application.  Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Once a request is received, we will communicate with the Point of Contact to ensure a clear understanding of the organization’s needs and then assign a matching TA Provider Team Member to work with you. The assigned Team Member will work with the Point of Contact to develop a specific plan to meet the requested TA needs. All parties will discuss and agree on the expected outcomes from the TA, as well as the commitment necessary for the TA to be successful. Upon completion of the technical assistance plan, you will be asked to complete a survey evaluating your experience and satisfaction with the TA process and outcomes.

Please contact Kara Penn at VitalProjectColorado@gmail.com with any questions.

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