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A series of webinars is available to you and your staff and volunteers. Each webinar is two hours in length and provides skill and knowledge enhancement that builds upon participant’s existing management expertise. Upcoming webinars will be announced via email to your DVP point of contact approximately one month beforehand. Previous webinars are listed below. Should you have any questions or like to register for an upcoming webinar, please email Barb Paradiso at VitalProjectColorado@gmail.com.

**Materials from past webinars are available below or on the Groupspace Peer Learning Hub**

Webinars Available for Download

Effective Marketing, Branding and Fundraising Strategies


Conducting Performance Reviews


Regular performance evaluations help employees better understand what is expected of them, in what ways they are or are not meeting those expectations, and plan for future career development. Performance reviews also provide a vehicle for employers/supervisors to offer feedback, coaching, and support for employees. This webinar provided managers and directors with tools they need for conducting fruitful performance assessments. It included information on documentation, linking performance with objectives, communicating expectations, justifying decisions, setting an appropriate tone, and timing and frequency. As a result of this webinar, participants were able to conduct performance reviews with more confidence and less angst.

Board Recruitment & Engagement

Goal: Establish a strong and effective board of directors to guide and support your organization.

Sample Topics: Generating new board engagement; Board responsibilities: Board effectiveness; Leadership development;  Governance structures;  By-Laws; and Working through conflict.

Fire in the Belly: Strategic Human Resources Management in Domestic Violence Organizations


Although staff discontent and turnover can be caused by many factors, a well-managed organization that has a strong structure, clear human resources policies and effective mechanisms in place to support its staff will experience greater employee retention and satisfaction. This webinar provides an opportunity to discuss some of the unique human resources challenges presented by anti-violence organizations and will include approaches for successfully managing employees and avoiding common pitfalls that can undermine an organization’s operations.  Topics addressed include:

·People as a Strategic Resource

·Values and Ethics in Human Resources

·The Unique Environment of Domestic Violence Organizations – Passion and Trauma

·Know the Law

·Hiring and Retention

·Supervision, Appraisal and Disciplinary Action

·Working Through Conflict

·Building Organizational Culture

Successful Grant Writing


Grantsmanship, the process of researching, selecting and applying for grants, is a critical component to developing and sustaining strong domestic violence service programs. This webinar provides tools to assist participants in developing strong proposals. To prepare a compelling grant proposal that secures funds for services and programs requires knowledge of the specific community you are serving and attention to the requirements of the targeted funding source. Becoming proficient at grant writing can aid advocates to negotiate new funding partnerships in their communities and build the capacity of their organizations to obtain the dollars needed to achieve their goals. Topics addressed in this webinar include:

  • Laying the foundation
  • Reading a Request for Proposal; understanding what the funder is looking for
  • Common grant elements
  • Building a compelling case statement
  • Tips for writing strong goals and objectives
  • Budgeting to the proposal objectives


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